Situated within the Marylhurst neighborhood in West Linn, this 2,322 SF spacious 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home sits on .73 acres with views of the PNW mountain ranges, including Mt. Hood. The location is the feature of this home and maintaining a focus on nature and allowing all rooms to see the greenery outdoors. The kitchen has high-end appliances with custom white-oak cabinets, handmade terracotta tile, and repurposed materials throughout. This home was featured on the 2021 Modern Home Tour by the Modern Architecture & Design Society


Location: West Linn Oregon
Services: Design, Build

Sustainability: Repurposed wood flooring and maintained the existing floor plan to lower the use of virgin building materials. The upgrade of the outdoor area allows for a healthy indoor/outdoor living experience. All finish materials were purchased by local suppliers and contractors, including the kitchen cabinets, tile, and hardware. The removal of black top and concrete in the backyard was replaced with native plants and grass to lower the heat impact and allow a pass through for deer and other wildlife in the area.