This bold, remodeled design with 1,051 SF, 3 bedroom, 1 bathroom is a jewel in the established Milwaukie neighborhood. When we purchased the home, it was considered a tear down property. The infrastructure was strengthened by replacing dry rot beams and installing footings and beams to bring the home up to code. The footprint remained the same, and the design was upgraded by an open concept layout, high end appliances, and material finishes that provide texture and sensory appeal.


Location: Milwaukie Oregon
Services: Design, Build

Sustainability: The entire home was salvaged and floorplan repositioned to the greenery facing the backyard. The small footprint of the home allows for the home’s mini split system to keep energy costs lower. The custom cabinets and materials sourced from local suppliers to lower emissions and costs. This home has a positive climate rating on Climate Check.