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Aubrey was a professional golfer and leveraged her industry experience to drive sustainability initiatives into the sport, developing thought leadership projects including The Olympic Club Corporate Social Responsibility Report and the Mauna Kea Sustainability Case Study. Aubrey was a contestant on The Big Break Atlantis Television show on NBC Golf Channel and served as an advisor within the green sports movement and being invited to speak at the White House Sports & Climate Change Roundtable to represent her sport.

Aubrey has also held numerous leadership positions at nature restoration companies where she developed opportunities for investors, landowners, Indigenous communities, and companies to invest in reforestation and carbon offset projects to mitigate climate impact.

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Less is more when bringing a Twyne design project to life. Whether you’re looking to design your home, gut remodel, or build new, making the best use of the space with thoughtful materials and quality design can make a home feel like a retreat from the rest of the world. Our goal is to bring the essence of nature throughout the home, whether in the textiles, the natural light, or the textures in each product that a homeowner will touch and experience every day.



Design and scope of work defined through a process working with partner architects and builders, to provide a seamless process for interior design and construction remodels.

During this process, we will work together to define the design vision, create material boards, provide physical samples, design development, and visuals of the proposed design.



Design of schematic plans and elevations are reviewed, revised, and incorporated into the specifications required for construction documentation.

During this process, we will review the project timeline, budget, materials, spreadsheet, realistic expectations, and plans to bid out the proposed design to construction teams.



We will serve as the client representative to oversee and manage the design and construction process on their behalf. As liaison, we will execute the client’s vision and will be responsible for making key decision, resolving issues, and ensuring progress to project success.

During this process, we will provide the technical drawings and specs that guide the construction process, including electrical, plumbing, permitting, and HVAC plans.

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